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Over the years we have been able to help many cancer patients and their families.

These are their stories.

When my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer our whole world came crashing down. Days were filled with anxiety and stress; rushing from doctor appointments to doctor appointments, meeting with attorneys to formalize a trust, and having difficult discussions with loved ones, whilst navigating all the side effects of the chemotherapy. The first six months were chaotic and filled with grief. My mom could see the physical damage of her treatments and would tear up at the sight of the loss of her hair. The first twinkling of joy arose from the moment she tried on her first wig. With the help of the Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation, my mom was able to once again be reminded of who she was. Her entire appearance and demeanor drastically changed. She was happy. She looked so strong. She was the mom and wife we all knew. That one item completely changed our focus. Instead of concentrating on all the negative changes, we all began to enjoy all the things that we still had. We soaked in all the time we had left with my mother and truly cherished each moment. Thank you, Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation, for reminding us of what truly mattered the most, that she was still here with us, enjoying life together.


- Andrea L.

I am deeply touched by the generosity of the Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation. Their financial support came at a time when my family and I were grappling with the overwhelming costs of cancer treatment. Thanks to their assistance, we were able to focus on what truly matters: my recovery. 

Navigating a cancer diagnosis and treatment can often be isolating and confusing. The staff of the Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation made us feel like we were not alone on this difficult journey. Their dedication to helping cancer patients is truly remarkable, and I am incredibly thankful for their compassion and willingness to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those battling cancer.​

- Jen

The Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation is an incredibly supportive organization.

They helped me financially paying some of my bills from city of hope .

They provide me rides to the infusion center twice a month, when I go for my chemo treatments.

Every time that I call, they are there for me. 

I am so thankful for them.​

- Maritza

I am so grateful for the Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation! I am a single Mom and was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer a year and half ago. Frightening. I was taken out of work for chemo and 3 surgeries, one being a total mastectomy. This foundation swooped in and helped me in my worst time of need! They also adopted my daughter and I for Christmas last year and just showed up with a check! If it weren’t for you I would have lost everything during treatment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our lives better through such a horrific time! I will be forever grateful to you!!! Thank you Alex and to your foundation! I will never forget what you have done for us!!! 


- Sandi Grim

Being diagnosed with cancer is traumatic and scary.  It affects you emotionally and financially, feeling lost and in need of more than the doctor’s treatment. 

The Marcelle Erian Foundation is unique!  They provide economic as well as great emotional support.  

Economically, they paid for my immune system medication which my insurance refused to pay (they wanted me to wait until my immune system was badly compromised).

Emotionally, the foundation had an excellent not your usual support group.  It was like a party every month with people laughing, enjoying food, drinks, desert.  Exchanging stories and advice.  Some were in same situation like me, other’s worse and many in remission which gave the ones going through treatment hope.  

Doctors were invited to give us information on latest treatments and answer questions.

February was the first time I attended, and the decoration theme was valentines. Every month a different decoration was used depending on the month. My favorite one was December, where we did a gift exchange.  

Aside from doctors, other experts also attended and supported us during this difficult time by teaching us how to exercise, do our make up and eat properly.  Business owners donated products and offered their products (for example wigs, special prosthesis and bras).

The foundation also made us feel useful. We did thank your cards to send to troops overseas, feel better cards for cancer patients at the hospital and crafts for us to keep.  I will never forget one Christmas where the group helped getting toys and clothing for a little girl whose mother was very sick with cancer.  The foundation also gave me the opportunity to lead the Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation team for the Relay for Life yearly event, which was great therapy for me.  

I met wonderful people and have new friends which I will cherish for a lifetime. It is amazing how a bad situation turned out to be also a great experience.

If Mirna can do it, anyone can!


- Mirna Ferrer

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