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We know cancer isn't easy. We want to help make your cancer journey as easy as possible by providing assistance and comfort whenever we can. If you or someone you love is battling a cancer diagnosis then you are not alone. We exist for YOU!


The Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation was founded by Oncologist,

Hany Khalil, M.D., as a tribute to his mother who lost her battle with

breast cancer at the young age of 32. As a young boy watching his mother

struggle with the disease and the limited treatment options available at

that point in time, he determined to devote his life to help cancer patients

find effective treatment and an ultimate cure.


The Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation is a vehicle through which he

and others committed to the same cause, can serve those undergoing

cancer treatment. Our non-profit organization helps patients utilize all

the options available to them even if their insurance coverage declines to

provide the necessary tools. Dr. Khalil wanted patients to be assured they

are receiving optimal care and this foundation works to that end.


The Marcelle Erian Cancer Foundation was designed to assist patients whose medical insurance falls short of providing vital necessities required in order for cancer patients to pursue their prescribed treatment. If you or anyone you know is dealing with a cancer diagnosis right now, we are here for you!

A young Hany with his mother, Marcelle Erian.


       The happy, playful son of a young active couple enjoying his day at the club was the norm for Hany. He resembled his mom in many ways and enjoyed the very special and unique bond between a loving Mom and her first born. Hany had a little 2 year old sister who he named Dalya, and his mom was pregnant with a brother that he already decided to name Raouff. 

       His short, happy, carefree life abruptly changed at the age of 6 when he was told that his Mom was dying from CANCER and there was absolutely nothing anyone could do to change that. Hany asked his Dad how could that be? Where exactly is Mom going? Can I see her again? He asked the same of God, but there were no answers, not a single satisfactory response, just a dark black hole for a young soul.

       At 32 years of age, at the prime of her life, Marcelle passed away just a few days after she delivered her last child. She had endured the agony of cancer for her unborn child. Even she could not prepare Hany as to how life would be like without her. All she could do was make her husband promise that he would never remarry, and desperately beg anyone she could find to take care of her kids when she was taken away from them.

       Dalya and Raouf were too young to realize the tragedy and loss, but Hany's love of his mom became an addiction that started by insisting on going along to all of his Mom's doctor's appointments. He was helplessly trying to listen to what all the doctors were saying about his Mom, dreaming of finding a white horse that he could ride to save the love of his life, his Mom.

       Hany never gave up on his Mom; he is still trying to save her, not just for himself, but for his sister and brother. At the age of 6 Hany did not know the word "Oncologist", but that is when he became one.

       His addiction to his Mom--her smell, her touch--could only be satisfied by his addiction to his CANCER patients, his heorin. 

       It has been 57 years since Hany's Marcelle left him, but he still calls Dalya his "baby sister" and his brother his "baby brother". That is how Marcelle would want him to call them.

       If there is a heaven, I promise I will make sure to find Marcelle for Hany.

                     --A "Baby Brother"

Dr. Hany Khalil passed away May 31, 2017. 

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